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is a multifaceted emerging artist from Buffalo, New York.

She will graduate in May with

a major in African American

studies, a minor in studio art, and a creative writing certificate.

Her chosen medium is oil painting, yet she enjoys all forms of
creativity including writing fiction and poetry, drawing, and dance. Her professional goals are to become an art therapist

and she hopes

to also be commissioned

to complete a

public art project.

magic hour

if you listen
silent stricken
night can never fully hush it seems

one constant chord a background roar ethiopia hums just some can hear.


moon almost full again time of the month reggae sunday, gemini evening
brown hands feeling
ten thousand tight curls, or more –please don’t touch the art


i pull you on like sweatpants
grey ones, daddy's favorite
waistband loose from waistlines wining ting


island boy with backwood skin last life we met in kingston
& souls are not created
nor destroyed.


so i’d like to know where you got the notion1
to steal those sunglasses and wear them better than me

slide two fingers in pull out
a miracle
like that night you went to smoke and came back with a poem

proven immortal, transcendent

the list goes on



1 "Rock The Boat" – The Hues Corporation, 1973

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