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A B O U T 
NAME Magazine is an undergraduate literature and arts journal based in the Department of English 
at the University at Buffalo, which showcases the work of currently enrolled UB students. As a magazine, NAME’s mission has been to present the best work of our creative writing, literature and art students in an annual issue each spring. Each issue is focused around a theme in current events that is significant to our shifting body of students. Founded in 1998 by Jessica Smith, Matt Chambers, Rebecca Stigge, and Chris Fritton, NAME’s current faculty advisor is Professor Christina Milletti.

2021-2022: Vaccination & Booster Double Issue
2020: The Quarantine Issue
2019: Climate Action Issue
2018: #Me Next (Gun Control Issue)
2017: Border Wall Issue
2016: Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary/Election Mashup Issue
2015: Unbound Issue
2014: Vintage Vinyl Issue

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