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is a Mathematics major with an English minor at UB. While they wouldn't consider poetry their greatest strength,  they find it relaxing in relation to their blunt and calculated career choice. They hope their words tickle someone’s fancy!

We see you 

Insta got you turning

Shorter hair and darker skin

Darken your thoughts and image

As your likes are soaring

Followers be growing

As your body be showing

Showing all the blackness

That you’ve been honing as yours


The fakeness got you wrapped

Discarding the fairness you had

I’m tired.

Black fishing is all it takes

To stay relevant.


I’m tired of hearing the 

N word, B word, W word

They are obsessed with color

They can’t keep away from color

Even if it was a sin.

I’m tired.


Another lingo appropriated

Another phrase stolen 

Another dance copied without

Understanding its concept

All to be seen and heard

Aren’t y'all tired of being seen?

We see you and

We’re tired of seeing you.


Why can’t it be us?

Why do we need to be famous to be


Why do we need to be violent to be


Why do we need to be violated to 


Why do we need to die for you to


But you’d rather frame it on Insta

And profit from the clicks.


Our pain is everyday

And it is exhausting.

We’re tired.


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