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As Nature Retakes the Crash Site



and glass glints

glowingly like 

blood diamonds stuck in

sewn skeletal roots and 

bloodied tips of the fingers 

that will pour outward for a year, 

unending under unto the soil

that roots the tree and holds the cold body.

These eyes deny; try to rationalize, 

surmise and anesthetize the bomb, 

the jagged potent pill that sits 

above the throat but below 

the tongue that cannot speak.

Poison to the touch, 

it touches you.

The unreal 




O thief

beast and bane, 

bastard between 

Big Bang and binding, 

who stalks the bands and 

bedrooms; lurking where one may 

lay their heart hearth and homestead,

hungry and hardened, so I beseech 

you: who on earth gave you the rite to steal? 

Now this violent silence blankets both our 

amps, a woven weighted black shroud, I 

regret each missed note I can’t fix 

O I’d sever my fingers 

to strum with you again; 

to right the wrongs then 

fold in a bow, 

though now you’re 





from above 

loose ends swaying 

like bouquets of pale 

promises; too scattered 

by the cleaving scythe to tie 

again. Old hope drains in a grey 

whirlpool; wide winding whirling wildly

on its way down the drain and out of reach. 

Though, now, you must braid new knots and answers;

gather the wreckage at the solstice 

as nature retakes the crash site,

for moonlight is just sunlight 

by which you’ve grown to see.

Pour the malt cement, 

mark the chapter,

close the book, 

with love


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is a musician, painter, poet, and writer from Millbrook, New York. A sophomore in the UBTeach program, Jack hopes to someday earn a PhD in Modernist literature. He’s influenced most by James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Leonard Cohen, and Jack Kerouac, and aims to carry the torch of experimental literature further into the 21st century.  


Ten Years & One Day

I still recall the day ten years hit me. I was breaking my back and knees and ties to gain some sway when. I realized. Real, I realized. Reality, revealed. The slipping sliding slowly sideways, along away. The photos forgone for fairness, better backward. The twilight, timid, tiptoed traveled, cleanly complete. Revel, rebel, refute: recognize. Shudder, stomach, swallow: summarize. It took ten years and one day to realize that ten years went by. It took ten years and one day to realize that ten years went by. 

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