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my teeth are soft - i swallow whole

i steal shapes

i personify clothes

paper doll wearing cutouts

transparent figure trying on bones


dawn brings demands

spider stringing pearls on webs

sundown - dashed, scattered

identity roulette


Patchwork persona

different at every inch

magpie nest of mud and twigs

knitting with loose ends 

tapestry of shredded threads


prisms through whom I project

diamond with fifty-seven faces 

nestled in the dirt- dug up by ravens


         slideshow circling inside me

         small planets on their orbit

         the carousel - a revolution



Genevieve Rabideau

is a queer Aries studying creative writing and art history. She loves her cats, car rides in the rain and has a massive sweet tooth. 

shadow work

You worked on your shadows and then

you became one,

now -


I sit in our umbra

counting the swings

of the pendulum 

over this illusion

we’ve drawn in sand


Slept on 

the sound of this

long enough - 

the steady leak, the sifting,

left it out overnight to

collect rainwater


Four months of licking

before we reached the center,

and therein lies 

the physics of things.

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