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Borders Drawn

The great oak stands out

among the sea of humble willows.

His branches large and inviting,

his roots firm and established.

He truly was the perfect tree.


The great oak had been there for decades.

The willows had arrived far later.

Their seeds found themselves

at the feet of the oak

and grew into handsome trees.


The great oak accepted the young willows

and he believed the land and its resources 

were theirs to share.

He did not think of himself as oak among willows.

He only saw many great trees.


The great oak was shocked

by the way the willow divided this land.

A made up line that cut right through him.

A line that could not accommodate such a tree.


The great oak stood nonetheless.

In spite of the willows’ arbitrary lines.

His story and history could not fit these divisions.

Though the willow cared not for his circumstances,

the great oak stood tall, remained.




is an English and Spanish double major at UB. He began writing poetry recently and is enjoying learning more about the craft. Andre is from Williamsville, New York and he hopes to become an immigration attorney.

The Page of a Book 

The page of a book

turns and makes itself known.

A silent medium

we read to ourselves 

but when we turn the page

everyone hears 

the sound of the finger

sliding across the back of the page.

The sound of a page as it rests to meet 

its mate on the other side

where its work is done.

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