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Blackberry Bush

Blackberry Bush

Wet with dew

After the morning shower

Spider spinning her web

On your fluffy leaves

Pickering at your sweet fruit

Her silk

trickling on your branches

The day is young

And so are you

For you have no worries

No fear ahead

And no time to waste

Spider spin

For your time is near


The day grows old

As  your web is drained

Wrinkles fill your young

And you have long gone away

Blackberry bush

Oh sweet,

Fruit bearing bush

Your leaves have wilted

Decayed have your branches

But your seed will prevail

Away from here

Beside the lake

Your young grows old

Though you are over

I still need your warmth


The moon is out tonight

And you have grown cold

Brown and fading

Your memory remains

Through the warm summer day

You grow frail

Remember the rain

The snow

And the spring

The autumn showers

Which you loved so much

I love you

Blackberry bush

But your time has come

And although your leaves have wilted

And your fruit has gone away

I will still love you

Blackberry bush




is a Ukrainian-Georgian-American Computer Engineering major from Brooklyn, New York. He enjoys cooking, exercising, watching movies, writing poetry, and occasionally gardening.

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