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Involuntarily Sober

Been missing the time before I went crazy

Miss my vision blurring

And my memories hazy

Miss the summer nights

Street lights, and street fights

Miss taking flight

Miss the clouds of my consciousness

But now I’m self conscious

Cautious and conscientious

Chemicals are contentious

I’m bored

But boring is what normal people do

I’ve got my anxiety to review

I got that panic to undo

Got some dreams to pursue


I’m not hopeless

I’m learning to hope less

Dope less and dopeless

Nothing hard but dope nonetheless

Lessons lessening the burdens of mind

Like how love fades with time

But there’s one love that’s mine

A drug so fine

It’ll only get stronger with time

No tolerance tolerated

It’s just my sweet





is an undergraduate production major, with an inclination for poetry. Drawing inspiration from poets like Gary Snyder, and Charles Bukowski, Giuliano aims to convey emotion through a unique structure and strong imagery. 



As a child I wanted to touch the sky

The monolithic blue stretching overall

The only thing that matched my imagination

Looking up, the suns’ blanket around me

The distant cars, a homogenous voice

Nothing could challenge this feeling

Then winter came

The sun ducted into clouds and heat escaped from the world

Silence in its wake

But curiosity remained

Boots, lost in the hall

Blood, soaked in towels

Absence, from above

As a child I no longer wanted to touch the sky

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