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Pregnancy Test in the Garbage Pail

Here lies a pregnancy test

Surrounded crumpled with toilet paper

It’s done its purpose

A curse?

A gift?

A moment of bliss?


Positive or Negative?

That story is none of your business.


It will be here until

Garbage day


Then it will go to a landfill

Where it will remain

For the rest

of our lives




Kyra Caraballo is studying Studio Art at the University at Buffalo. When it comes to poetry, she likes to get inspiration from their personal life and the people and things they witness whenever she walks around.

White Lady by the Beach

Peaking over the tall beach grass, I finally see her
The white lady that has been riding her bike on the sand




                                                                                              Twisting and jerking
                                                                                        the handlebars left and right



Her bike carves channels in the sand
crushing soda cans and whatever in her path




Her hair trails behind

In the wind





                                                                                                                    I never see her here in the day
                                                                                                                      Only during a weeknight







She comes out
And rides her bike
carelessly through the sand


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