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I want to die nasty,

The death of European Royalty.

Am I not worth an execution

that keeps hundreds in sadistic anticipation

for a person lifelessly swinging

On taut rope?


Make my last breath a spectacle,

a silent signpost

for the beginnings of a new era.

Make my severed spine a ribbon

in your records,

“The snap heard around the world!”


I want to inspire you!

Take action!

The simple syllables of my name

should invoke a bitter resentment,

turning wives and mothers

into merciless monsters,

husbands and fathers into executioners


Make my spilled blood your wine

get drunk off my beheading

I, the fucking scapegoat of your suffering.

Hooray for thou hast slain the beast!

Roar in joy as my head rolls,

cheers so resounding,

I shall feel their trembles




is an English major and Media Studies minor in her junior year at the University at Buffalo. She aspires to become a certified cat lady.  In her spare time, she loves to watch anything animated and play videogames with friends. 

Heart and Home 

Cradle me in the nook of your heart 

let the beats lull me to sleep 

I can stay here forever 

drowning in you 

nourished with only your love 


When our time is past, I’ll still be here 

swaddled in the net 

of our greyed brittle passion 

I’ll hush off starvation 

 with your love for another 


Your love for them makes me fat and sick 

Grown allergic to your spoiled “honeys” 

raising hives in my throat 

so I latched to an open vein 

retched it back all bitter 

and now you’re ruined too

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