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I just want to ejaculate on a page 

Ripped out of my notebook and call it poetry, 

But Warhol beat me to it.


I will regurgitate the mutilated body of 

Virginal escapades 

and arms and fingers. 


I promised myself that I could 

Put the knife in without tearing up, 

But here I lay, Bawling. 


I have read this before, somewhere. 

As a plagiarist, I take my work 

Wherever I can get It. 


I hear them slamming away, 

Wet flesh fingering their squares, 

No better off than me. 


And in that moment, 

I saw his testicle fall from his

Underwear onto my forehead.




is an artist born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He is interested in film but his work predominantly consists of poetry, music, and ink. Through his work, Gorham explores his relationships with people, nature, and the intangible. You will likely find him in North Park Theatre admiring the lights.

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