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Just a little bit of tenderness can change my mind.

A rabbit in a snowstorm

An olive in an oil spill

Hard to find and hard to keep—

But is it even worth it?

If you tossed your blanket over me

And muddled my mind

I wouldn’t know right from wrong

Most people are like that all along.

So why should I care if we split apart like my parents did?

I like to think I turned out just fine

I like to think I turned out just fine.


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is a sophomore, Presidential Scholar, and English major at UB. Most of their free time is dedicated to writing novels, poetry, songs, or the occasional short story.



You sound pretentious

An animal I do not know

A mystery

So much of life is filled with those

Enigmatic things

And I don’t know the first step to find you

Or anything


What the Fuck is Gender?

Of all the lives I’ve yet to say I’ve lived
it’s you who keeps my aching mind awake.
I feel my bones, my back, my head, they break,
but in my mind, there’s nothing left to give.
I love the call of feminine within,
but stay--resist my feelings for their sake,
and keep myself so masculine, so fake--
a life that only half the time I lived.
But God, what I would give to be a girl,
to trade all of my traits for that; your world.
There’s privilege in the chromosomes I have.
There’s privilege in the fact that I’m a man.
That too would be a lie; it’s only half
of how I feel, no--half of who I am.


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