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2 0 2 0   I S S U E   S T A T E M E N T 

Over the past 20 years, UB’s undergraduate literature and arts magazine—NAME—has evolved. NAME began in 2000 as the inspiration of (then) English major Jessica Smith and a cohort of young student writers. Since that time, NAME has transformed from a journal representing the work of English Department creative writing students, to a larger endeavor publishing undergraduate writers across the university, evolving alongside the English Department’s creative writing curriculum. Until this year, however, the magazine has always been an independent “small batch” creation of our students, beloved but largely unseen beyond the 3rd Floor of UB’s Clemens Hall.

The 2020 issue of NAME magazine takes the next expected step in our evolution at an unexpected moment of crisis. For some time, we have been planning a companion on-line edition of NAME so that our friends, colleagues, and families outside the university could also see the work of UB’s creative writers and artists. Yet we could never have foreseen the circumstances of NAME’s online arrival. We’ve never needed to share it more.

At this extraordinary moment, when all our lives have been disrupted, and social distancing has become a necessary precaution, we hope that this first on-line edition of NAME magazine—The Quarantine Issue—will continue to fulfill NAME’s primary obligation: of creating connection and community through literature and the arts. 


You are part of our new community.

Your name is here.



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