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staring at my wheaties

huge boats, adrift

in a sea of white

I sink them one

                            by one

leaving behind an empty harbor



As Rupert Holmes blasts through my car stereo,

I finally understand the meaning behind his words

The bright yellow excitement in my chest can’t be contained

I can’t help but share this feeling with her

And the response not what I expected

She opens her mouth to speak words

Heavy with the dull gray of disinterest




As Rupert Holmes’ voice sings through the phone,

Our voices carry far beyond the small space of our tent

Golden glowing words reaching into the void

Lighting up the woods around us


Nate Weinstock

is a junior studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Addiction. Last semester, he took his first English class since junior year of high school and absolutely loved it. It surprised him by quickly becoming one of his favorite classes at UB.

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