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Bus Ride

the chill of winter dawn creeps down my spine  

as I stand there, blinded by the mist on my eyes, 

waiting for the bus to take me to work. 

it approaches hesitantly, but opens its doors just fine 

the driver asks for my pass, and nods as I take a seat  

I close my eyes since it’s a quiet ride  

above me rests a large white sign: 

“Children and Teens eat FREE on the weekends” 

sponsored by a catholic church 

it reminded me of a charity bus that used to drive by 

every Friday, down the street of our neighborhood back home 

the children ran up excitedly, as if it were an ice cream truck  

the driver asked for my age one July 

I said twenty-one 

but she wrote eighteen, and handed me 3 plates  

to my left, a flurry of snow is gently falling from the sky  

caressing the glass, and suddenly melting  

I realize I missed my stop, It’s sundown



is a twenty-one-year-old student who was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. She utilizes  her struggles as a first-generation Latina daughter to forge creative pieces that can be appreciated  by others who have similar experiences. She aspires to create a connection with her Latinx  readers by helping them realize that they are not alone in their feelings or trauma.

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